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We work totally out of the box, developing ideas and solutions that other people might never imagine.  To achieve this we recruit and hire the best talent.  Some of these individuals are on the autism spectrum and they provide our team with results we could never achieve without their unique contribution.


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Hector Salazar


I developed MeanStream Studios after 20 years in the video production business to address the specific online marketing and  training needs of mid to large-sized companies in a visually powerful and socially responsible way.  My experience in all aspects of multi-media from pre-production through post-production allows me to manage projects efficiently and maintain solid communication throughout the process.

I've had the honor of working with two United States presidents and Fortune 100 companies so I know the importance of planning and running a top notch operation.  I've also had the pleasure to work with many non-profits and local Charleston Businesses.  Regardless of the scope, the best results happen when the atmosphere is fun and relaxing so that's the experience we create for our team and for you.

Dan Gosselin

I design websites here at MeanStream Studios. One of my favorite techniques is to share your message through the use of three dimensional art in motion. Telling your story through motion with the help of computer-aided design brings life to a project that words and pictures can't convey on their own.

People tell me that I have the ability to cut through things that other people find complex to make them simple and do-able. Because I am on the autism spectrum I can view projects from different angles and have the patience to focus on the small details that make a big difference in the final outcome.

I have a BA in multi-media arts and sciences, also referred to as "New Media".

Chris Vaughan

I'm a regular guy with Asperger's diagnosed at around the age of 4.  I may be new to MeanStream Studios, but I'm not new to computers.  I was told that a few days before I was diagnosed while other kids were sneaking into cookie jars, I was finding cookies on the computer. I have a way with words and I get to the point.  It's how I write.  I am more than willing to put my creative skills to the test


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Only 1/3 of Fortune 100 companies have sites that comply with Google's Mobile Requirements but 50% of all e-commerce transactions happen through mobile devices?  Contact Hector to see how you can make the move to mobile.  It might be easier than you think.